Permanent Scars (Final Fantasy Instrumental)

2 Mello is a multi-faceted producer who samples retro Nintendo games. I was immediately interested upon discovering his Final Fantasy- the 3-6 Chambers project.. (he flipped Wu Tang acapellas over Final Fantasy samples!) He also has Nas x Castlevania, Jay-Z x Chrono Trigger, and the full instrumental version for each project!! WHAT!? A beat from the FF batch served as the perfect, beautifully melancholic soundscape for some painful-ass bars I was chiseling when I lost my older brother this past July. This instrumental truly saved my damn sanity.

I present to you Permanent Scars. Props to 2 Mello. Mixed by DWiz. Pic by Sarah Arnold.

Lineage ov the Lyricist… New Project!!

I am proud to announce the Lineage ov the Lyricist project.. this one is going to be a lot less formal than my previous solo and group albums.. I will regularly add tracks, brand new and old unreleased material, to this playlist; some songs will be original material from selected producers, and others will be verses over instrumentals I like. Once I have more than enough material, I will edit it to about 60 to 70 minutes total, and then hand it over to R.O.T.C.’s DJ Kevvy Kev to mix.

The first track I’m presenting to you is Oriental Rugs. It’s available for FREE download!! The next track for the Lineage ov the Lyricist will be available in several weeks!!

Kuma Oriental Rugs Verse: “To the Asian parent, I’m a screw-up/ to the Rap listener, I’m that dude you trust/ on and off mics, online or real life/ no tattoos on my face, just scars from real knives/ could follow the trends, but that wouldn’t feel right/ civilized gentleman, but I can still fight/ Honoring the protocol, we don’t desert henchmen/ never leave our fingerprints up on the murder weapon/ twenty years in music, consider it a blessing/ and I learned a whole lot from Too Short and Living Legends/ This Jap can’t, pass a CAT scan/ but I been paying dues since the days of Tascam/ was still a teen when I first performed in Japan/ started writing in 二ヵ国語 for all of my fans/ I’m the head Jap in charge, making ancestors proud/ praying 南橋法蓮芸協, please answer me now/ lotta close friends around me are cancerous now/ fiending for some inner peace, but knock a clan member out/ Blow! a lot of phonies, glorifying thug shit/ I’d rather read, Toni Morrison’s Beloved/”

Solo Show in Berkeley

I will be performing a solo set @Berkeley Community Media on 07/29/16. Solo shows for me are becoming rarer and rarer, because I’m putting  more and more effort into my crew 2FS… The show is going to be broadcasted globally on BCM and is being masterminded by Tefari Casas from Filmatic Productions. Tef is a multi-talented young gun coming up, and is a seasoned B-Boy and videographer. My comrades Breathless and Agatron are on the bill as well.. oh, and chicken, waffles, more chicken, and more waffles!

Berkeley Show

Kensho Kuma Albums Free Downloads

My first album “Rewritten Code ov Honor” and second album “Projekt Life Force” are now available for free download.

Rewritten Code ov Honor Free Download

Projekt Life Force Free Download

“Rewritten Code ov Honor” was independently released in 2005. I could only rhyme in English back then.. upon completion of this album I left on a 2 year exodus to Asia, and lived in Chengdu, Shanghai, and Tokyo. I literally traveled the world with this CD in my luggage and will forever cherish the memories it allowed me to have.

kensho front cover
















I spent the next five years developing my Japanese flow… I just needed to become a bilingual MC, that’s all that I cared about.. “Projekt Life Force” was released in 2010 from We Nod Records in Tokyo. In retrospect, this is the album that marks the advent of the MC I am still becoming today.

















“Projekt Life Force” features “Peto,” which is some real shit about the only woman that I’ve ever loved.

Peto.jpg (2)


2nd Floor Samurais NEW Site

My group 2nd Floor Samurais have a brand new site!! We have 4 album tracks, 3 FREE downloads, and 2 new videos!! Please also make sure to sign up for e-mail list to receive notification about our upcoming debut project and performances..

Exotic Jewels

2nd Floor Samurais (Kensho Kuma x Orukusaki) teamed up with veteran Zulu Ink One for “Exotic Jewels.” The production was handled by Ink and the mixing and mastering was done by Just Jay @Hall of Fame studio in Oakland. It’s free for DL.. a flashy, fun banger you can rock to in the whip…

Kuma Verse:

I’m fresh dressed like a million bucks/ my charisma make the chickenheads blush/ yall need to be giving it up/ we are 2FS, competition get crushed/ Exotic Jewels, worn by the warlord/ rare-ass Adidas and Nikes in my wardrobe/ playing this game, don’t care ’bout a scoreboard/ flashing with fashion, and also mi flow form/ yeah, my grandfather’s peacoat/ I rock with some Wallabees, slaughtering your egos/ we know the vision that’s shown to the people/ don’t mean shit, unless you back it up with c-notes/ stay on the grind, work multiple jobs/ walk in God’s light amongst men full of Jihad/ we are M.O.P. fans, keep it rugged and raw/ but I’ll bang a model chick in a luxury car/

N.W.A. (Ninja with an Attitude)

Kensho Kuma- N.W.A. (Ninja with an Attitude)
Produced by: DJ Shin
Recorded at: Turntable Troopers Entertainment, Osaka Japan
Free DL!

Verse 1:

Catch me at your terminal. luggage full of merch/ raised in the Bay with the gutter punks and nerds/ the hippies, thugs, killers, and scholars are my friends/ rap around the world making dollars, euros, yen/ yeah the people’s champ, initiating trends/ the love is overwhelming, once the hate begins/ ride for the 510’s local residents/ the 2nd floor general known for my diligence/ ughh 95 Air Max match with my Frisco fitted/ my attitude: if it’s rap money let’s go get it/ but don’t you ever, compromise for the cheddar/ the game’s tedious but our lives getting better/ yup love to put my folks on even though we argue/ this became ah damn life, but remains an art too/ real life edition of Samurai Champloo/ fifty ninjas ready yup, you getting dismantled/


NWA, I’m an NWA/ a ninja with an attitude, get out my way/ a top tier lyricist outta the Bay/ “swinging swords like Shinobi”/ NWA, I’m a NWA/ a  ninja with an attitude, get out my way/ a top tier lyricist, outta the Bay/ “jet black ninja”/

Verse 2:

Asiatic immigrant conditioned to be militant/ living in the everyday struggle, which is imminent/ each breath be precious, but we on the reaper’s guest list/ ready for your death wish, hexes, and prejudices/ this just some ig’nance that E14 taught me/ and mix that with my DNA, a kamikaze/ you gotta monster modern day psychology don’t diagnose/ gave up on the psych meds, therapy, and bible quotes/ ninety four I started smoking, slightest hope I didn’t have/ now I travel around the world feeling like a diplomat/ Genghis Khan conqueror, always seek adventure/ a ninja with an attitude never speak the N-word/ and we could sell our souls, but never lose momentum/ soldier salute me when you hear my name mentioned/ gotta love the hate ’cause there’s no time for vengeance/ you could have the jewels, but you ain’t outshining Kensho/

Verse 3:

Bilingual marksman, my hood pass all access/ rappers acting backwards get smacked off they axis/ yall talk about the good days in the past tense/ while I vape flavors in a fine gyaru’s black benz/ she got an accent and wanna study overseas/ so I recommended San Francisco State and Berkeley/ looking for a man to help with her school fees/ I was told to never save ’em, she can’t fool me/

2FS Video Premier/ Kuma Birthday Bash!

On 08/16/2015, we will be premiering 2FS’ “Whatchanameis” video @ROTC, in conjunction with Kensho Kuma’s Birthday! All patrons rocking panda attire will receive a very special Pandaneze gift from the Japanda!!

2FS birthday

Study Music Group Podcast featuring Kensho Kuma

Study Music Group is a label ran by my comrade Citizen. Him and his partner in crime Poe have put in mad work for Deltron 3030 and their upcoming EP features Del the Funky Homosapien. I am featured as a guest on their regular Podcast, and we talk about hella different things including MF Doom, attractive girls who rap, and upcoming releases.

ROTC 2 Year Anniversary

Return of the Cypher will be celebrating it’s 2 year anniversary on 06/14/15. If you don’t know by now, ROTC is the livest weekly Hip Hop party in the Bay Area; a free open-mic jam session with a resident band, weekly featured performers, and the legendary DJ Kevvy Kev. It goes down every Sunday night at the SF Boom Boom Room. Point blank, it’s your home if you were raised by this culture. We will have 15+ performers on the 2 year anniversary and my crew 2FS will be the hosts. See you there. Oh, and the Black Film Festival will be premiering a Mac Dre Documentary called “Legend in the Bay” prior to our celebration.. and that’s free too..

ROTC 2 year anniversary