Fliers for Individual Tour Dates

2017 Shogun Stories Asia Tour: Fliers for Individual Shows

07/28/17- 08/04/17 Osaka, Japan

07/28/17 @Club Zeela, Umeda

07/29/17 @Brand New, ???

07/29/17 @”Skill Bank,” Duke Bar ??

07/30/17 @????????

08/05/17 @Club Clime in Second Life


08/05/17-08/16/17 Yokohama/ Tokyo, Japan

08/05/17 @El Puente, Yokohama

08/12/17 Wild Side, ??

08/12/17 Family, ??

08/15/17 Tetoka, ??


08/16/17 – 08/30/17 Vietnam w/DJ Cloud NI9E, Hanoi shows with Jovian

08/18/17, Hanoi Rock City, Hanoi

08/19/17 , Chez Xuan, Hanoi

08/19/17 (Midnight- Early), Bird Cage, Hanoi

08/24/17 Waterfront, Da Nang

08/25/17 May Cay, Ho Chi Minh

08/29/17 May Cay, Ho Chi Minh

08/31/17 – 09/17/17  Thailand

09/01/17 Jam Cafe, Bangkok

09/02/17 the Overstay, Bangkok

09/08/17 Live Lounge BKK, Bangkok

09/09/17 Goja, Bangkok

N.W.A. (Ninja with an Attitude)

Kensho Kuma- N.W.A. (Ninja with an Attitude)
Produced by: DJ Shin
Recorded at: Turntable Troopers Entertainment, Osaka Japan
Free DL!

Verse 1:

Catch me at your terminal. luggage full of merch/ raised in the Bay with the gutter punks and nerds/ the hippies, thugs, killers, and scholars are my friends/ rap around the world making dollars, euros, yen/ yeah the people’s champ, initiating trends/ the love is overwhelming, once the hate begins/ ride for the 510’s local residents/ the 2nd floor general known for my diligence/ ughh 95 Air Max match with my Frisco fitted/ my attitude: if it’s rap money let’s go get it/ but don’t you ever, compromise for the cheddar/ the game’s tedious but our lives getting better/ yup love to put my folks on even though we argue/ this became ah damn life, but remains an art too/ real life edition of Samurai Champloo/ fifty ninjas ready yup, you getting dismantled/


NWA, I’m an NWA/ a ninja with an attitude, get out my way/ a top tier lyricist outta the Bay/ “swinging swords like Shinobi”/ NWA, I’m a NWA/ a  ninja with an attitude, get out my way/ a top tier lyricist, outta the Bay/ “jet black ninja”/

Verse 2:

Asiatic immigrant conditioned to be militant/ living in the everyday struggle, which is imminent/ each breath be precious, but we on the reaper’s guest list/ ready for your death wish, hexes, and prejudices/ this just some ig’nance that E14 taught me/ and mix that with my DNA, a kamikaze/ you gotta monster modern day psychology don’t diagnose/ gave up on the psych meds, therapy, and bible quotes/ ninety four I started smoking, slightest hope I didn’t have/ now I travel around the world feeling like a diplomat/ Genghis Khan conqueror, always seek adventure/ a ninja with an attitude never speak the N-word/ and we could sell our souls, but never lose momentum/ soldier salute me when you hear my name mentioned/ gotta love the hate ’cause there’s no time for vengeance/ you could have the jewels, but you ain’t outshining Kensho/

Verse 3:

Bilingual marksman, my hood pass all access/ rappers acting backwards get smacked off they axis/ yall talk about the good days in the past tense/ while I vape flavors in a fine gyaru’s black benz/ she got an accent and wanna study overseas/ so I recommended San Francisco State and Berkeley/ looking for a man to help with her school fees/ I was told to never save ’em, she can’t fool me/

Kensho Kuma 2015 Summer Asia Tour Dates

Kensho Kuma 2015 Summer Asia Tour Dates -> All confirmed dates will be announced on this blog!

June 27th: Avalanche @ Crawfish, Tokyo

Akasaka, Tokyo w/Cloud NI9E and David Whitaker


July 4th: Proceed @ Duke Bar, Osaka

Takatsuki, Osaka w/Cloud NI9E and DJ Godz


July 5th: Gebo Welcome Back @ Club Bop, Osaka

Hirakata, Osaka w/ Cloud NI9E and Gebo

Gebo Party

July 5th: Absolute Sound @ World Pub, Osaka

Umeda, Osaka w/ DJ Shin

Shin Show

July 18th: @NASA, Chengdu, China

Chengdu, China w/ Just Charlie, Jovian, and DJ Superbestfriend


July 28th: Thai-Japanese Hip Hop Night! Part II @Jam, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand w/ DJ Spydamonkee and Mek Piisua


July 29th: Bangkok de Night Vol. 3 @ Club Diana, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand w/ Yamadaman from Rappagariya and Mek Piisua


Gebo x Acid Reign Tour

My man Gebo, a veteran MC from Osaka, Japan, has teamed up with Acid Reign from LA, to start their “Cali Cruise” tour. They are promoting their brand new collaborative album “Losaka,” available from Acid Lab Records. They will be stopping by ROTC (Boom Boom Room, 1601 Fillmore St. SF CA94115)on 05/17 to bless us with their dope bilingual lyricism.. be sure to stop by. I will be hosting that night along with the usual suspects you have grown to love.

Gebo Tour

Osaka Dates Confirmed

Osaka Japan Dates have been confirmed. I will be performing these shows without DJ Cloud NI9E. These shows will be the openers for the 2014 Asia Summer Tour.

07/25 “Green Label” Event @ the Garden Bar.

07/26 “Kakuro” Party @ the Long a Long.

More dates TBA.

Osaka Flier2 Osaka Flier1

KakuroKakuro 2

08/09 Osaka Long A Long

Yours truly has just been added as the special guest for the August 9th “Sound Fix” event @Long A Long. Osaka underground fixture DJ Godz will be holding down my set. This marks my fourth live performance for the 2014 Summer Asia Tour. ????????????????????????????????????????DJ Godz ????DJ????????2014???????????????????????

Sound Fix


Kansai Soul Fiyah

I recorded this track last summer with veteran Osaka MC’s Gebo and Mistah O.K.I. Produced, recorded, and mixed by Noah Beatz.












Kansai Soul Fiyah-

I convey the message like a translator should/

‘cause we the same regardless of the language or hood/

whatever continent, yup this man’s understood/

acknowledged by the ballers ‘til I vanish for good/

?????real skill???/




what we take for granted isn’t normal to them/

we hella rich compared to Bangkok’s orphan my friend/

keep the checks I get or share my fortune instead/

Oriental soldiers chop off a foreigner’s head/





Longevity w/ DJ Shin

I recorded “Longevity” w/ DJ Shin this past August in Osaka, Japan. DJ Shin, DMC World Team Finalist, is a long time comrade of mine, and I was featured on his 2003 “World Famous” compilation album. Although I was in Osaka for less than a week, it was a memorable recording session since we haven’t collaborated in close to a decade.