Japan Rap Night 02/21/16 @the Stork Club

2nd Floor Samurais are off to a very busy 2016.. Our 2nd official show of the year will be “Japan Rap Night” on 02/21 at the Stork Club in Oakland. Our longtime comrade Shing02 will be returning to the Bay after a prolonged absence, and he will be doing a Nujabes tribute set with Spinmaster A-1.

Jap Rap Night

Inkone “We Spit Bars” Video

Universal Zulu Nation member/ 2FS Produced Inkone just released the “We Spit Bars” video featuring Kenn Chron. Directed by OG graff writer Crayone and featuring cameo appearances by yours truly.

Inkone Graphic

“We Spit Bars” Extended Version: Yours truly trading bars with the homies at 1:35.

“We Spit Bars” Short Version

2FS Video Premier/ Kuma Birthday Bash!

On 08/16/2015, we will be premiering 2FS’ “Whatchanameis” video @ROTC, in conjunction with Kensho Kuma’s Birthday! All patrons rocking panda attire will receive a very special Pandaneze gift from the Japanda!!

2FS birthday

Us Against Them feat. Khafre Jay

I teamed up with Khafre Jay of BPos, who is the front man of the non-profit organization Hip Hop for Change. In no way, shape, or form do I consider myself to be a political rapper, but with so much shit going on, this track only seemed natural. Production was handled by Ink One of Zulu Nation, and mixing/ mastering was done by Just Jay at Hall of Fame Studios in Oakland.

HH4C in the Media

As you probably know by now, Hip Hop 4 Change is a non-profit organization dedicated to making socioeconomic change through the educational implementation of Hip Hop; what that means is that the members go out to campuses and teach academic skills from a Hip Hop stance using its own curriculum. The organization also throws its own events showcasing local talent; the acts are specifically selected to reintroduce and emphasize the core beliefs/ morals of our culture, which are peace, love, unity, and having fun. We are opposed to the mainstream glamorization of sexism, drug abuse, homophobia, materialism, and gang violence; we believe that these problems are not/ should not be the only available representation of our culture, people, or community.

HH4C have been receiving lots of coverage in the media recently. Yours truly is briefly included in the East Bay Express article. Director/ BPos MC Khafre Jay was also featured on a KPIX segment titled “Oakland Rappers Want to Change the Game with Positivity.”

2FS Live @Allattractive x OMF Daytime Party 09/27/14

2FS (Orukusaki x Kensho Kuma) will be performing live at the Allattractive x OMF daytime party at the Legionnaire on 09/27/14. Allattractive is an awesome independent clothing brand masterminded by the homie Allcreative; his gear is regularly rocked by heads that actually are active in the scene.. I believe this is evident of his label supporting the artists putting in work and vice versa. Oakland Music Festival is celebrating its second year in the Uptown District of Downtown Oakland. It’s a multi-genre, indoor/ outdoor festival and they are partnering up with local venues to host additional showcases. My crew will be @the Legionnaire showcase. The main line-up available here, and features the comrades Latin Soul Brothers and Kool Kyle.

OMF Flier one

Kensho Kuma Opening for MC Jin

Alright, who remembers MC Jin? The Chinese American rapper who shocked the nation by guillotining all opponents on the 106 and Park “Freestyle Friday” competitions in the early 2000’s? He would go on to become the first Asian American rapper signed to a major label when he got down with the Ruff Ryders label; his debut album “Rest is History” gained mediocre commercial success with the single “Learn Chinese.” Jin suffered highly publicized battle rap losses to Serius Jones and Iron Solomon in the post- Ruff Ryders, moved to Hong Kong and became a born again Christian, became a highly successful Asian musical act, and moved back to the states in 2012.

Yours truly will be opening for MC Jin in Oakland on 09/19/2014 at Club Zoe in Oakland.


Undivided Flier