N.W.A. (Ninja with an Attitude)

Kensho Kuma- N.W.A. (Ninja with an Attitude)
Produced by: DJ Shin
Recorded at: Turntable Troopers Entertainment, Osaka Japan
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Verse 1:

Catch me at your terminal. luggage full of merch/ raised in the Bay with the gutter punks and nerds/ the hippies, thugs, killers, and scholars are my friends/ rap around the world making dollars, euros, yen/ yeah the people’s champ, initiating trends/ the love is overwhelming, once the hate begins/ ride for the 510’s local residents/ the 2nd floor general known for my diligence/ ughh 95 Air Max match with my Frisco fitted/ my attitude: if it’s rap money let’s go get it/ but don’t you ever, compromise for the cheddar/ the game’s tedious but our lives getting better/ yup love to put my folks on even though we argue/ this became ah damn life, but remains an art too/ real life edition of Samurai Champloo/ fifty ninjas ready yup, you getting dismantled/


NWA, I’m an NWA/ a ninja with an attitude, get out my way/ a top tier lyricist outta the Bay/ “swinging swords like Shinobi”/ NWA, I’m a NWA/ a  ninja with an attitude, get out my way/ a top tier lyricist, outta the Bay/ “jet black ninja”/

Verse 2:

Asiatic immigrant conditioned to be militant/ living in the everyday struggle, which is imminent/ each breath be precious, but we on the reaper’s guest list/ ready for your death wish, hexes, and prejudices/ this just some ig’nance that E14 taught me/ and mix that with my DNA, a kamikaze/ you gotta monster modern day psychology don’t diagnose/ gave up on the psych meds, therapy, and bible quotes/ ninety four I started smoking, slightest hope I didn’t have/ now I travel around the world feeling like a diplomat/ Genghis Khan conqueror, always seek adventure/ a ninja with an attitude never speak the N-word/ and we could sell our souls, but never lose momentum/ soldier salute me when you hear my name mentioned/ gotta love the hate ’cause there’s no time for vengeance/ you could have the jewels, but you ain’t outshining Kensho/

Verse 3:

Bilingual marksman, my hood pass all access/ rappers acting backwards get smacked off they axis/ yall talk about the good days in the past tense/ while I vape flavors in a fine gyaru’s black benz/ she got an accent and wanna study overseas/ so I recommended San Francisco State and Berkeley/ looking for a man to help with her school fees/ I was told to never save ’em, she can’t fool me/

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