ROTC 2 Year Anniversary

Return of the Cypher will be celebrating it’s 2 year anniversary on 06/14/15. If you don’t know by now, ROTC is the livest weekly Hip Hop party in the Bay Area; a free open-mic jam session with a resident band, weekly featured performers, and the legendary DJ Kevvy Kev. It goes down every Sunday night at the SF Boom Boom Room. Point blank, it’s your home if you were raised by this culture. We will have 15+ performers on the 2 year anniversary and my crew 2FS will be the hosts. See you there. Oh, and the Black Film Festival will be premiering a Mac Dre Documentary called “Legend in the Bay” prior to our celebration.. and that’s free too..

ROTC 2 year anniversary

Kensho Kuma First Solo Show of 2015

I will be performing @50 Mason for the first time on 01/07/15, along with my comrades Poe x Citizen, Pure Powers, and OneWerd x Pete Feliciano. I haven’t done a solo performance since the summer time.. so let me get my bars up.

Builders Flier

One Werd Releases “the Faculty”

MC One Werd and I share several things in common besides rapping: we’re both teachers and we both are practitioners of a specific faith. He released his “the Faculty” album this week and I’m featured on the “Addiction” track along with my friend Pure Powers. This one is for my people “in the rooms.” This album also features Orukusaki, Task1ne, Telli Prego, Pete Feliciano, JB Nimble, and Joe Mousepad.

One Werd Cover



2FS Santa Cruz Show 05/09/14

Alright, 2FS (Kensho Kuma x Orukusaki) will be performing May 9th, 2014 @Bocci’s Cellar (140 Encinal St) in Santa Cruz. We will be joined by our comrades Task1ne, who performs more than anyone I know, and Poe and Citizen, who just came home from a Deltron tour. Shout outs to Onewerd who came and got us to do this show… I expect to see his calculator watch.

2FS in Santa Cruz –> Friday May 9th, 2014 @ Bocci’s Cellar

2FS SC Show