SPAT App for MC’s

My comrade Shing02 recently assisted in the development of the SPAT app; it allows you to connect two phones via bluetooth, select an instrumental, spit bars against one another, upload, and then have the community vote on the winner. SPAT also features a solo freestyle mode which allows you to archive your takes. I wholeheartedly believe that this is a great resource for anyone in the rap discipline and also it’s just productive fun!!

Download Link ->

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Kensho Kuma Albums Free Downloads

My first album “Rewritten Code ov Honor” and second album “Projekt Life Force” are now available for free download.

Rewritten Code ov Honor Free Download

Projekt Life Force Free Download

“Rewritten Code ov Honor” was independently released in 2005. I could only rhyme in English back then.. upon completion of this album I left on a 2 year exodus to Asia, and lived in Chengdu, Shanghai, and Tokyo. I literally traveled the world with this CD in my luggage and will forever cherish the memories it allowed me to have.

kensho front cover
















I spent the next five years developing my Japanese flow… I just needed to become a bilingual MC, that’s all that I cared about.. “Projekt Life Force” was released in 2010 from We Nod Records in Tokyo. In retrospect, this is the album that marks the advent of the MC I am still becoming today.

















“Projekt Life Force” features “Peto,” which is some real shit about the only woman that I’ve ever loved.

Peto.jpg (2)


Japan Rap Night 02/21/16 @the Stork Club

2nd Floor Samurais are off to a very busy 2016.. Our 2nd official show of the year will be “Japan Rap Night” on 02/21 at the Stork Club in Oakland. Our longtime comrade Shing02 will be returning to the Bay after a prolonged absence, and he will be doing a Nujabes tribute set with Spinmaster A-1.

Jap Rap Night

Cloud NI9E featured on Hydeout Album

Besides the great sensei DJ Krush, no Japanese producer has ever influenced the global sound scape at the magnitude the late great Nujabes did; from his soundtrack of “Samurai Champloo,” the “Luv Sic” series with Shing02, to his phenomenal solo projects, it’s an understatement to say that he left his mark on music. I remember begging my former engineer Mez to lend me his Samurai Champloo DVD’s and writing for hours to his mellow, jazzy instrumentals. He was and always will be definitely a noticeable part of my Hip Hop experience.

Nujabes released his music through the Hydeout label and they manage a store called Tribe. A new project from the Hydeout label “Black Foliage” will be released on 12/18 and features my producer Cloud NI9E. It’s even more impressive that Cise Starr rocks the track; the Florida MC has been on my radar since he merked “Steady” with his group Cyne. Oh yeah… 9th Wonder is also on the project too… Be sure to cop this one, I’m more than sure that it’ll be available on the Tribe site.

Hyde Out Cover