“Left and Right” Online Single

Kensho Kuma- Left and Right

Produced by: Meat Bawls

Saxphone by: Ogi (Bagdad Cafe the Trench Town)

Mixed and Mastered by: Dope Niku

Artwork by: Digital Comics

Alright, here’s a banger that is a lot more political, jazzy, and mature than my usual material. I actually sound like an emcee in my forties.. it’s dedicated to the liberals and conservatives who continue to polarize our nation and demonize the other side. I am extremely proud with the way it turned out.

Super Cypher @Stacks Record Shop 04/13/2024

Wow.. it’s been a minute.. and I think it’s just what I need.. to be in the jungle with a thousand other MC’s. On 04/13/2024, we’re having a mega-super-cypher at my man DJ Delroks’ Stacks Record Shop in Hayward. Salutations to the rellies Know Expressions and Sonny Souf for organizing this. Yeah, it’s a free event, so make sure you spend $ at the venue and buy merch! Oh yeah, and I’ll be doing a featured performance too..

“Serenity Prayer” Animated Video

Kensho Kuma- “Serenity Prayer” [Official Video]

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by: Meat Bawls

Video by: @teamfreelanceranimator

Dedicated to anyone who has ever suffered from substance abuse and alcoholism. Please take it one day at a time.. if someone like me can make it through addiction, so can you.

Brand New “Second Katana” Video

I proudly present to you the Second Katana official video!! Shot in West Japan in the summer of 2022, it features a verse in English and a verse in Japanese. Produced by Cloud NI9E, directed by Seiji Date, mixed and mastered by Sota Furugen, and scratches by Far Beats.

Back to School Drip Fest 09/30/23

I will be rocking at the Back to School Drip Fest, organized by Khafre Jay’s Hip Hop for the Future org, on 09/30/2023, with DJ Lex and headliners La Russell and Stunnaman 02.

About the event

At Hip Hop For The Future SPC. and Freedom Forward, we see philanthropy as more than just a name on a banner. It’s about fostering real, tangible change in our community. The Back 2 School Drip Fest, our upcoming event, aims to empower San Francisco’s marginalized youth.

We believe that authentic philanthropy is not about levels of giving or the names on banners. True philanthropy is about fostering real change, driving impactful initiatives, and engaging with the community at the grassroots level. It is about stepping up to ensure that those who need the most support are given every opportunity to thrive. It’s about the belief that by investing in our youth, we are investing in our future.

We are seeking partners and sponsors – for the Back 2 School Drip Fest. Companies who are ready to stand with us, to stand with our youth, and to stand with our community. Partners who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and contribute meaningfully to an event far beyond a single day. Let’s move beyond conventional sponsorship. Let’s blaze a trail for transformative change together. Join us and participate in this journey toward a brighter future.

Featuring free clothing and footwear, free barbering, haircuts, and styling (because when you look good, you feel good), community resources, health & wellness services, food trucks, and local Hip Hop artists showcasing live music, art & dancing.

JOIN US IN ELEVATING SF YOUTH! HYPE Center & Hip Hop for the Future are seeking support in the following ways:

Health & wellness activities

  • CPR Classes
  • Chair Massages Clinic Appointments (Bookings & Referrals)
  • Mental Health & Alternative Healing Modalities


  • Barbers & Hair Stylists (Cuts, Braids)
  • Financial Literacy and Mobility Employment & Workforce Development College,
  • Trade Schools and Unions


  • Clothing (Jeans/Pants, Hoodies/Sweatshirts, Shirts/Polos, Skirts/Dresses)
  • Shoes (Athletic, Sneakers, Skate, Boots, Flats)
  • Accessories (Belts, Hats, Beanies, Purses, Sunglasses, Wallets, Scarfs/Head)

Community-based Organizations – Table at the event for free! Bring your own table, chairs, and shade covers Bring materials, resources, and incentives Promote the BACK 2 SCHOOL DRIP FEST to your community Bring your young people!

Exclusive Tour Merch: Cassette USB

For the upcoming Misadventures in Asia Summer 2023 Tour, we have created cassette USB’s. The 16 gigabyte USB’s shaped like an old school cassette contains 4 official albums and 2 mixed albums. If you’re interested in copping one before I leave on tour, please hit me up at kensho.kuma@gmail.com.

Hip Hopaholics 09/16/2023

Your boy is performing at the latest installment of Hip Hopaholics on 09/16/2023 at Slate Bar in San Francisco (16th St. x S. Van Ness). It’s a FREE event with an open mic cypher and beat makers.. so it’s perfect for the hungry MC!! Come through with your bars!! Shout outs to the dude Rezin8!!