Lineage ov the Lyricist

An hour of unadulterated lyricism mixed by DJ Kevvy Kev. The project covers a wide array of subjects, ranging from the current opioid epidemic to police brutality, and from public education to toxic relationship with thots.

Shogun Stories Album Tracks

Official tracks from the 2nd Floor Samurais’ Shogun Stories album. The project is a breath of fresh air in the midst of image-driven, substance-less music. Shogun Stories encourages the ascension to the 2nd Floor, provides socially conscious narratives, details how to combat enemy ninjas, while partying with debaucherously beautiful women. The album was released in mid-2017 and 2nd Floor Samurais embarked on a 2 month, 3 country promotional tour.

2nd Floor Samurais Free Downloads

2nd Floor Samurais unreleased and mixtape tracks. These songs were completed during the Shogun Stories creative process, so they naturally correlate to the vibe of the album.

The Program EP

The Program EP is an collaborative album with producer Cloud NI9E; it was released in 2013 from Musou Productions in Tokyo. Kuma displays his progression in bilingual rhyme science and covers a wide range of personal topics, ranging from recovery to mental health. The Program EP sold out in Japanese chain stores and the duo embarked on a 3 country promotional tour.

Projekt Life Force

Select tracks from Kensho Kuma’s bilingual 2nd album, released in 2010 from We Nod Records in Tokyo. The lead-off single, Exact Science ver2.0, rightfully selected to be Kensho’s first official music video, accurately showcases his top-tier bars in both languages, and his fluidity in using them interchangeably. Projekt Life Force also marks Kuma’s first songs produced by longtime collaborator Japanese producer Cloud NI9E.

New & Old Tracks

Kensho Kuma’s unreleased, collaborative, throw-back, and one-off singles.