Solo Show in Berkeley

I will be performing a solo set @Berkeley Community Media on 07/29/16. Solo shows for me are becoming rarer and rarer, because I’m putting¬† more and more effort into my crew 2FS… The show is going to be broadcasted globally on BCM and is being masterminded by Tefari Casas from Filmatic Productions. Tef is a multi-talented young gun coming up, and is a seasoned B-Boy and videographer. My comrades Breathless and Agatron are on the bill as well.. oh, and chicken, waffles, more chicken, and more waffles!

Berkeley Show

2015 Team Backpack Submission

Team Backpack is an awesome platform for MC’s to showcase their craft. Many local artists, such as Richie Cunning, Task1ne, and Locksmith, have successfully accumulated a great deal of shine from Team Backpack. To tell you the truth, I have never seen a wack MC on TBP. I decided to submit a verse for the 2015 audition.. I’m normally not into submitting shit, or auditioning for anything.. but enough of my friends have been submitting this year, and it just seemed like too much fun..

Shout outs to Tefari Casas from Filmatic Production for shooting and editing.

Update: So the above submission got accepted and I was invited to the live auditions in LA! Unfortunately, due to life obligations I will be unable to go.. I’ll be rooting for my many friends to pass the auditions and rep in the cyphers.


05/31 B-Side Cypher One Year Anniversary

B-Side Cypher is a live break dancing session organized by my comrade Tefari Casas.  They will be celebrating their one year anniversary on local Berkeley broadcasting on 05/31. 2FS (Kensho Kuma x Orukusaki) will be doing a set. There will also be free Peruvian food, an open mic with expected ROTC attendees, and of course an open floor for all B-Boys and B-Girls to get down! Grab your shelltoes and come celebrate with us at Berkeley Community Media (2239 MLK Berkeley, CA.)

B-Side Cypher Sessions