Solo Shogun Stories Tour- France Performance Trailer

I was given the wonderful opportunity to embark on a solo tour throughout France in September ’17, to promote the 2nd Floor Samurais’ Shogun Stories Album. The tour also included stops in Brussels, Belgium, and Leipzig, Germany, where I was honored to hold down the opening slot for longtime friend Akua Naru. Below is a clip featuring performance highlights put together by Donovan Jugarap @Hapa Films. The footage itself was shot on site by Architeknic, King Siroko, Kevin Bantsimba x Kody Baby Ghost of Smileyz Crew, K-Turix of Cultur’a’ Vibes, and Patricia Sanchez. Thank you for making this experience possible.

Special Shout outs to Arckiteknic who masterminded the entire venture.

Kensho Kuma x Far Beats-World Traveler 2

Dedicated to everyone that’s been with me throughout my overseas ventures and the awesome people I’ve met abroad. You have changed my life forever..

Kensho Kuma- “World Traveler 2”
Produced and Mixed by: Far Beats
Additional Production by: Akua Naru
Graphics by: Marcus Murray

Verse One: “I’m a World Traveler, nomadic wanderer/ Respect the local folks, but I’m still a conqueror/ Raise the flag of California up at Angkor Wat/ Often in them places foreign artists cannot rock/ Writing down my candid thoughts, hiding out in Sukhumvit/ Go-go dancers everywhere, get lost in illusions quick/ Miles off the beaten path, I’ve seen some gruesome shit/ Third world is grimy, but we know what the beauty is/ Children in the land of smiles, seem to be happy with less/ Many kids in U.S. hoods, carry gats and deal with death/ Most adults are taking medication feeling depressed/ Who are you to tell me that America really the best?/ Weaving through the traffic dawg, don’t crash your motor bike/ Saigon City got it locked, kicked it with the locals tight/ Whether at your venue or a mediocre open mic/ We murderin’ performances perfected out in Oakland right/”

Chorus: “I’m faraway, I don’t know when I’m coming home/ Left my backyard, said good bye to my comfort zone/ Quit my damn job, told my mom that I love her/ There’s more to this life and I have to go discover/ I’m faraway, I don’t know when I’m coming home/ Left my backyard, said good bye to my comfort zone/ Fans always compliment, telling me I’m rhyming dope/ All I ever wanted was to be happy and to find my soul”

Verse Two: “In my wallet I have yen, dollars, and euros/ Cash determines everything, no matter where you go/ Transient, vanishing in back of a Peugeot/ to reappear the next day to rap in Chateauroux, so/ You can say I’m well-traveled, racking up the mileage/ Highly civilized, never blacking out or violent/ Peace to Paris potnas, they made this trip priceless/ And if I stop, probably have a midlife crisis/ Dressed in a kimono yeah fans got impressed quick/ Hustling in Brussels with the man Architeknic/ Bilingual shows in Nantes, translated set list/ And aye damn descendant of Japan must respect this/ No matter where you go, acknowledge they customs/ If you can’t do this then you’ll make all of us look dumb/ Talk to your fans, learn they way of life and have fun/ Take some time to be a tourist but make sure you stack funds/”


Kensho Kuma Albums Free Downloads

My first album “Rewritten Code ov Honor” and second album “Projekt Life Force” are now available for free download.

Rewritten Code ov Honor Free Download

Projekt Life Force Free Download

“Rewritten Code ov Honor” was independently released in 2005. I could only rhyme in English back then.. upon completion of this album I left on a 2 year exodus to Asia, and lived in Chengdu, Shanghai, and Tokyo. I literally traveled the world with this CD in my luggage and will forever cherish the memories it allowed me to have.

kensho front cover
















I spent the next five years developing my Japanese flow… I just needed to become a bilingual MC, that’s all that I cared about.. “Projekt Life Force” was released in 2010 from We Nod Records in Tokyo. In retrospect, this is the album that marks the advent of the MC I am still becoming today.

















“Projekt Life Force” features “Peto,” which is some real shit about the only woman that I’ve ever loved.

Peto.jpg (2)