07/07 Summer Blast! @ Ear Peace Records

A FREE Summertime Hip Hop show featuring in-store performances by some of your hardest working MC’s in the local Hip Hop scene… (It’s also an unofficial bash to celebrate Kuma’s upcoming one-month Hip Hop sabbatical to Japan.)

Confirmed Performances by:
Dregs One, Tantrum, Rahman Jamaal, Kensho Kuma, Orukusaki, Pure, Citizen, JB Nimble, Gee, B. Durazzo

Support your Independent Record Store, Ear Peace, and Independent MC’s by coming to their FREE show and buying their music!!

The Most Underrated Group

Back in ’98-ish, when I was just beginning to MC, there was a group that just blew my mind…

I had stumbled upon “Venom” by the Arsonists on a mixtape that I copped out in Tokyo; I remember rewinding Freestyle’s verse over and over… I vote for the Arsonists as the most underrated group of MC’s of our generation.

Fast forward more than a decade… One of the Arsonists’ MC’s reemerge with German production team the Snowgoons on this one and has got me rewinding again… These brothers epitomize perseverance and timelessness. Respect to the Arsonist MC’s.

Kemui- Deadliest Catch

Kemui- Deadliest Catch

Kemui, a veteran Japanese MC from Tokyo, JP, will be releasing his second album in November; yours truly is featured on “Genshiryoku Salaryman,” produced by Cloud N9Ne. Some of the most successful independent Hip Hop artists in Japan,
like MC Kan from MSC and Rumi, are also featured on this album.


Internationally Known Mixtape Vol. 2

Internationally Known Vol. 2 Mixtape


The global street banger,
“Swordz Up! (Jovian Remix)feat. Akua Naru”
is featured on “Internationally Known Vol. 2 Mixtape”

Download for free here

This mixtape features artists from literally around the world…
Europe, Africa, U.S., Latin America, to Asia.

Nomadic Wax presents “Internationally Known Vol. 2 Mixtape”

Nomadic Wax releases the second installment of Internationally Known, the most comprehensive ongoing international hip hop mixtape series in the industry.

The 38-track mixtape presents artists from over 30 countries, and features some of the world’s fastest rising stars, including Zero Plastica (Italy), Modenine (Nigeria), Alesh (D.R.C.), Las Krudas (Cuba), Art Melody (Burkina Faso), Vox Sambou (Haiti), Emile YX (South Africa), and Diamondog (Angola), to name a few.

Originally conceived by pioneering emcee Dumi RIGHT of Zimbabwe Legit, Nomadic Wax’s Dj Magee, and Italy’s Dj Nio, the mixtape series has become home to many of the world’s most interesting young artists. On Vol. 2, Dumi Right continues his hosting duties as NYC heavyweight Dj Boo pilots the listener around the world and back, shedding light on new musical sounds, styles, and artists.

The closing track is ‚ÄúSuper MC’s,” a Nomadic Wax exclusive that is this year’s anthem for the international hip hop community. The track rep’s the best from all four corners of the world and solidifies Internationally Known as a tastemaker’s pick for global urban music.

I Wish I was in Africa

I Wish I was in Africa

The Bins- I Wish I was in Africa(feat. A1, Arata, and Kensho Kuma)

Recently I was featured on a track with SF MC A1,and Living Legend Arata;
I believe Arata was the first MC I ever saw spit in Japanese back
in the late nineties…

More music by the Bins!



Dank Dier

Dank Dier
I am featured on Swiss MC Akai’s “Jazzabelle’s” album on the song “Dank Dier.”

This is my first bilingual double time verse… to tell you the truth,
I’ve never heard a bilingual double time within the same verse…
NY veteran MC/educator Rabbi Darkside is also featured on the track.
Listen to it here! Dank Dier

Some of Us Still here

SF MC Rymo’s brand new video.

This is my comrade I have known since the late 90’s; he
was featured on my first cassette “Spratik Combustions,” that I
was selling for 5$ hand to hand back in ’98.. I don’t have
any copies of that cassette… would like to have one for
the archives… If you’re an old-school friend and happen
to have one, I’ll buy it back from you!

Benefit to Abolish Human Trafficking

I will be performing a set for the Benefit Show to abolish modern slavery tonight (01/07/12) at the Rockit Room in San Francisco… The almighty DJ Delrocks of the Zulu Nation will be holding down my set, and my comrades MC Dregs1 and Vago NS will be making special guest appearances… I’ll be debuting a new songfrom my upcoming EP and it’s the first 2012 show… so come rock with me for a righteous cause!!