SF Beat Shop Fundraiser

On 05/31 I will take part in a fundraiser with all proceeds going to building a community beat production lab in East Oakland. My comrades Rymo and Dregs One will be performing as well. Please stop by to support a meaningful cause.

”二刀流 (Katana)”  featuring Dregs One was included in the “the Program EP” now available nationwide in Japan!

Black Saturday X Below the Surface

Photo by bts_james
I will be rocking alongside my peoples the Understudies (DJ Citizen and Sean E. Depp) and Rymeezee (First Dirt Ent.) on 11/24/12 @ Below the Surface HQ in Newark (37800 Central Court Newark, CA 94560.) Even the least-materialistic participants in the scene are tempted to get fitted on Black Friday (well, it’s a Black Saturday in this case,) so mind as well get dripped in gear that is designed by independent artists for independent artists. Louis Vuitton does not care about you, and they do not design their attire thinking about you… so be an educated consumer, because you’re going to consume anyway. The Below the Surface site is here and you can check their collection here. The Facebook event page is here.

I would rock the ish outta this BTS hat, but it’s a snapback… For those of you who don’t know me personally, I have a chrome dome (7 5/8,) so I can’t do the snap…

Fall 2 Sneak peek @btsbrand #fashion #urban #urbanwear #streetwear #boutique #tshirt #locals #duckcamo #fall2012 (Taken with Instagram)


Urban Art War @ Johnny V’s 10/13

Urban Art War @ Johnny V’s in San Jose, 10/13/12…

This show features a highly unorthodox format, where all artists are on stage the entire duration of the evening, and the DJ blends songs in an unannounced order. Not even the MC’s know who’s track is coming up… As organizer Luck Loosh puts it, it’s similar to “musical chairs.”

Urban Art War Flier