11/22 Conscious Hip Hop Night @ the Gilman

Yours truly will be hosting the monthly Conscious Hip Hop event @ the Gilman on November 22nd, 2013. The Gilman is a historical punk rock venue founded back in 1986 and famous bands like Rancid, Green Day, and NOFX spawned their careers there. The venue has a no alcohol, no drugs, no homophobia, no violence, etc. policy, so it’s appropriate for all ages.. I just found out that the Gilman even has a book documenting their history. My folks, the Globelotters Collective, started the first Hip Hop events at the venue earlier this year; I’ve performed twice at the monthly party and it was a pleasant experience both times. This month I will be hosting the biggest Conscious Hip Hop Night thus far; the event will feature a total of eight up-and-coming acts, including my comrades One Werd and Acmaculate One.

November Gilman Flier

03/15/13 Conscious Hip Hop Night @ the Gilman

GilmanFlierYours truly will be doing a show with Sean E. Depp of the Understudies at the historical punk rock venue, the Gilman, on 03/15/2013… This is the third monthly event of independent Hip Hop at the venue; I’ve done a guest appearance and last minute set the last two months, and they’ve been really fun. The venue is all-ages, doesn’t sell alcohol (but does sell candy and sodas,) and even has a basketball hoop inside, so it’s perfect to bring your awkward teenage nephew just entering puberty.

Here is the cypher which broke out last month at the end of my comrade Ras Ceylon’s set… the audio is pretty horrible, but the energy is undeniable…