Hip Hopaholics 09/16/2023

Your boy is performing at the latest installment of Hip Hopaholics on 09/16/2023 at Slate Bar in San Francisco (16th St. x S. Van Ness). It’s a FREE event with an open mic cypher and beat makers.. so it’s perfect for the hungry MC!! Come through with your bars!! Shout outs to the dude Rezin8!!

Now Booking Summer Asia 2023

Alright, here we go again!! I will tentatively be in Japan this summer from the fourth week of June to the fourth week of July, then am flying to Thailand afterwards and will stay until the fourth week of August. (I am interested in all South East Asia bookings from fourth week of July to fourth week of August.) Yes, I am my own damn booking agent and tour manager. No, I can’t wait to go on another global hobo-hop misadventure!! Please write me directly at the address above.

Quarantine Survival

I teamed up with my people in Paris France for this one. “Quarantine Survival” by La Rime Metisse and yours truly. Produced by Far Beats. Keep your ass home.. none of us safe, until all of us safe.

Lineage ov the Lyricist

The Lineage ov the Lyricist FREE album has been completed and is coming soon.. but hey, I’m not rushing the release; it’s 60-minutes of unreleased music mixed by DJ Kevvy Kev.. The project is a lot less formal than my other official releases.. it’s just me barring out to whatever instrumental I please. Here are the finalized version of some of the songs.

the Program EP Pre-order/ 予約

Kensho Kuma X Cloud NI9E “the Program EP” ??????????????????????If you reside in Japan, you can pre-order “the Program EP” now at these nationwide retailers and many more. ??????????????

the Program EP Final_black_font


We Nod Records

Tower Japan

HMV Japan

Disk Union


Special shout outs to the folks @ Zooooo.jp for doing this beautiful piece of the album cover.