One Werd Releases “the Faculty”

MC One Werd and I share several things in common besides rapping: we’re both teachers and we both are practitioners of a specific faith. He released his “the Faculty” album this week and I’m featured on the “Addiction” track along with my friend Pure Powers. This one is for my people “in the rooms.” This album also features Orukusaki, Task1ne, Telli Prego, Pete Feliciano, JB Nimble, and Joe Mousepad.

One Werd Cover



11/23 Kensho Kuma Rocking w/ Scarub and Kirby Dominant

Yours truly has just been added to the 11/23 Scarub show @ the Live Musician’s Co-op in Santa Rosa (925 Piner Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403.) As you may know, Scarub is a founding member of the Living Legends collective and also belongs to the 3MG’s with Eligh and the Grouch. The Legends were probably the first to demonstrate to me the pure freedom and power of doing Hip Hop independently; I remember them rocking a packed venue in Shinjuku, Japan back in 2001. I recall being amazed by the support they received in my home country; in other words, I credit them for giving me part of my blueprint.

Scarub Show
























“California Sunrise” by Scarub. Produced by my comrade CAV3.

Kirby Dominant is like every Berkeley MC’s kind and funky uncle always surrounded by fine felines. He’s now in a group called “Paranoid Castle” with the Canadian producer Factor.

Shout outs to my potna Pure for getting me on the bill. Look up for his upcoming debut album.

Celebrating the Understudies 5 Year Anniversary Norcal Mini-Tour

My comrades, the Understudies (Citizen & Sean E. Depp,) will be celebrating their 5 year anniversary with a Norcal mini-tour and the “One Night Only” album release. The following dates have been confirmed:

the Understudies Norcal Mini-Tour

2/27 San Jose @ Johnny V’s
2/28 Fairfax @ 19 Broadway
3/1 Berkeley @ Ear Peace (All Ages)
3/2 Oakland @ Awaken Cafe (All Ages)

I will be performing at the Fairfax, Berkeley, and Oakland dates…  the other guests include Domino of the Hieroglyphics, Bukue One, Pure, and Task1ne from Sacramento… Please check here for more details…

Urban Art War @ Johnny V’s 10/13

Urban Art War @ Johnny V’s in San Jose, 10/13/12…

This show features a highly unorthodox format, where all artists are on stage the entire duration of the evening, and the DJ blends songs in an unannounced order. Not even the MC’s know who’s track is coming up… As organizer Luck Loosh puts it, it’s similar to “musical chairs.”

Urban Art War Flier

Damn, Son Where’d You Find That? @ Brainwash 10/20

Yours truly will be rocking with some of the hardest working local underground Hip Hop acts @ Brainwash in San Francisco on 10/20/12. This is a free event, so be sure to come through and support!! Also, you can get your laundry done at this venue…
The Line-up thus far:

Kensho Kuma

Candle Spit Collective

the Understudies



Skinny Hendrix


The “Swordz Up (Jovian Remix)” has been getting the crowd hyped recently, so I look forward to rocking it at a more intimate venue.

07/07 Summer Blast! @ Ear Peace Records

A FREE Summertime Hip Hop show featuring in-store performances by some of your hardest working MC’s in the local Hip Hop scene… (It’s also an unofficial bash to celebrate Kuma’s upcoming one-month Hip Hop sabbatical to Japan.)

Confirmed Performances by:
Dregs One, Tantrum, Rahman Jamaal, Kensho Kuma, Orukusaki, Pure, Citizen, JB Nimble, Gee, B. Durazzo

Support your Independent Record Store, Ear Peace, and Independent MC’s by coming to their FREE show and buying their music!!