2 Brand New 2nd Floor Samurais Tracks FREE Downloads

My group 2nd Floor Samurais released two bangers last night and they’re available for FREE download!

The first one, Samurai Original, is produced by longtime Bay Area artist Mister Cleen, and references one of our clothing sponsors.. I implement my patented 4 bar language switch on this one.

Here are the “Samurai Mask” hats from Samurai Original. If you’re interested, click here.

The second banger is 2nd Floor Soldier, produced by our cohort Seneca of Earth Amplified. We take a no-nonsense RBG stance on this one and all of my verses are in Japanese. These are my most serious Japanese bars thus far.

“?????????????/ ?????????????/??????????????/????????????”

Shout out D-Wiz at Drum Dealer for mixing these songs.

Air Maxes on my Feet

March 26th is Air Max Day.. Yes, the illest sneakers of all time have their own day!! Nike launches exclusive models and also re-releases a favorite from the past, which fans must vote and decide on. This year’s re-release is the Atmos x Air Max 1 “Elephant.” Although I love Air Maxes and dope sneakers, I don’t consider myself a “sneakerhead” or a “hype beast.” I simply do not have the resources to allocate a lot of time and money on footwear.. however, I wanted these right here.. no doubt, they are simply beautiful!!

I did however, create a song about Air Maxes to share with you for Air Max Day!! Production was handled by DWiz at DRMDLR and the artwork was done by Marcus Murray. FREE Download!!


Kensho Kuma x D-Wiz – “We Vape” OFFICIAL Video

We Vape Flier Front

I started smoking cigarettes in late high school, and by my early twenties I was a regular smoker. I tried numerous times using various methods to quit, but unfortunately I never could.. I remember really disliking the feeling of not wanting to smoke, but giving in and lighting one up. Vaping was introduced to me in ’11 and I am no longer a smoker. I wholeheartedly believe that electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to the traditional cigarette, and I consider myself to be in a better physical shape than I was back then. I’m not gonna front, I still have the occasional social cigarette, preferably a Parliament Light, but cigarettes are no longer an addiction I cannot control.

I teamed up with D-Wiz, who is a fellow vapor and my engineer, to bring you “We Vape,” a fun, educational, and goofy song about vaping. The production was handled by Brycon, the scratches by DJ S.T.A.T.I.K., the videography by Kev Temple for Bay Biz Films, and the art work by Zyme. The song was released from Oakland’s own Drum Dealer Music.

We are currently finalizing our promotional items, which feature 10 mg bottles of coconut flavor and “Alien Blood,” (6 mg nic 50% VG 50% PG) supplied by Tasty Vapor in East Oakland. Once the pertinent labels have been placed on the bottles shown in the below picture, the promo campaign will officially begin; please contact me if you know of a business or event that would be interested in receiving these in the SF Bay Area. Also, Gov. Brown signed bills stating that effective 6/9/16 it is unlawful to hand out free samples of nicotine liquid products… So Wiz and I will be hustling to get these out!! Buy the song here.


We Vape Flier Back

D-Wiz “Me and the Wiz” EP

My comrade/ engineer D-Wiz recently dropped the “Me and the Wiz” EP, produced entirely by Drum Dealership’s Tahaj the First. This man is probably the most chill, down to earth individual I know in the realm of Hip Hop, and his crew B-Pos has formed a strong camaraderie with 2FS and we often perform together. Please look out for a special (and silly) Kuma x Wiz collabo coming soon with accompanying video!!

D-Wiz Pic

Biz pic

“We Vape” Video Shoot

If we’ve met in real life, you probably noticed that I’m a dedicated vapor.. I use to be a pretty consistent cigarette smoker, and since I switched over to vaping about five years ago, my health has noticeably gotten better. Although the long term (and short term) effects of vaping are still yet to be determined, it is for sure a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.

My comrade/ engineer D-Wiz and I will be shooting a video for “We Vape” on 12/16/16 11:00AM @Tasty Vapors (1017 22nd Ave #110, Oakland) in Oakland. We want you to vape, have fun, and possibly sing the chorus, which will be uploaded at a later point. (It’s extremely simple…)Please come dressed in fun funky fresh casual attire. This panda has nothing to do with the video.

panda weight


“We Vape” is a fun and educational song about vaping, and it will be available for free download soon.

East Bay Dungeons

“East Bay Dungeons” is a track recently I did with Acmac. This one has a mid/ late-nineties Telegraph cypher throwback feel to it… you know when crews like Mystic Journeymen, the Living Legends, Bay Area Art Collective, Hobo Junction, Cytoplasm, the Slumplords, Kimetic Sunz, and of course the Group Uv Nutz were wrecking cyphers and selling four track tapes.. Yeah, those days.. What the fuck have I done with my life..

Kensho Kuma- East Bay Dungeons

Cats in/ the East Bay to A.S.I.A demanding me/ to go and murder every microphone they handing me/ it’s like a fantasy, ‘cause every fan of me/ is watching Kuma become everything he planned to be/ a true king never mistreating his followers/ people depend on me to speak up for all of us/ we’ve had enough of these demonic conquerors/ and gives a shit if you believe in the God we trust/ the soulless and monstrous stuck in the matrix/ oppressing men and women and corrupt what is sacred/ I’m numb as a basehead, dumbing down my statements/ our adolescent dreams just crumble on the pavement/ we picking up the shattered fragments piece by piece/ and the resentment and despair get released on beats/ ‘cause a life situations you believe defeat/ so we doing what we doing to achieve our piece/ ain’t got no Jesus piece, just some prayer beads/ here in the underground of the Bay, I play for keeps/ you are so damn shallow but your hatred’s deep/ all the love up in the media is make believe/ so just pray for me, as I turn my will over/ while everyone is getting drunk, your boy is still sober/ the cops and criminals that’ll kill soldiers/ been always dedicated to this, trying to build towards a/ better life, better scene, better tomorrow/ even when I’m overseas, I’m repping the locals/ been rocking Asia, Vietnam to Tokyo/ get beheaded if you ever step in my dojo/ respected by global veterans and freshmen/ for the talent we uphold and elements we blending/ 510 Ken Kuma, general of henchmen/ rule the underworld with intelligence and weapons/