D-Wiz “Me and the Wiz” EP

My comrade/ engineer D-Wiz recently dropped the “Me and the Wiz” EP, produced entirely by Drum Dealership’s Tahaj the First. This man is probably the most chill, down to earth individual I know in the realm of Hip Hop, and his crew B-Pos has formed a strong camaraderie with 2FS and we often perform together. Please look out for a special (and silly) Kuma x Wiz collabo coming soon with accompanying video!!

D-Wiz Pic

Biz pic

Gigio- “Brainshine” Video

My ROTC comrade Gigio recently released the “Brainshine” video off of his “It’s An Everyday Thang (EP)” produced entirely by DRMDLR’s Tahaj the 1st. The video features cameos by members of his Smooth Beast crew, including my old school folks Monolyth. This dude stays blessing microphones at our event and Hip Hop shows in the Bay on a regular basis, and more importantly, he’s a humble soul who’s a pleasure to be around.

12/28 Hip Hop for Change Holiday Party

My comrade Khafre of the BPos crew runs Hip Hop for Change, an organization dedicated to educating people about socio-economic injustice and empowering them through Hip Hop. As you can see, Khafre is not playing around at all.

It’s an honor to be performing at the Hip Hop for Change 12/28 Holiday Party @ the Elbo Room. (647 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110.) My crew 2FS (Orukusaki x Kensho Kuma) will be rocking alongside BPos, Seneca, Mint Rock (Bored Stiff,) Davu and the Bottom Hammer Band.

Hip Hop for Change Flier