2FS Live @ Hip Hop for Change 3 Year Anniversary Party

03/31 Update: Venue Change!! This party is no longer at the Starlight Social Club, but at the Uptown Nightclub.

2nd Floor Samurais will be performing at Hip Hop for Change’s  3 year anniversary party on April 2nd, 2016 @ the Starlight Social Club in Oakland (645 West Grand, Oakland.)

2FS proudly serves on the board of directors for Hip Hop for Change, a non-profit dedicated to battling socioeconomic inequalities, police brutality in the urban community, and detrimental messages disseminated through corporate media outlets, through the implementations of educational outreach, grassroots canvassing, and local Hip Hop showcases.

HH4C director Khafre Jay is also an emcee of BPos and we have been planning a 2FS x BPos show for a while.. this is not to be missed..


D-Wiz “Me and the Wiz” EP

My comrade/ engineer D-Wiz recently dropped the “Me and the Wiz” EP, produced entirely by Drum Dealership’s Tahaj the First. This man is probably the most chill, down to earth individual I know in the realm of Hip Hop, and his crew B-Pos has formed a strong camaraderie with 2FS and we often perform together. Please look out for a special (and silly) Kuma x Wiz collabo coming soon with accompanying video!!

D-Wiz Pic

Biz pic

2015 Hip Hop in the Park

UC Berkeley’s Students for Hip Hop will be hosting their 19th annual “Hip Hop in the Park” on 05/02/15. This annual celebration has a special place in my heart; I remember attending in high school when my mentors Group Uv Nutz killed the stage.. also, I opened for Frontline at this event back in ’03 or ’04.. This year, yours truly will be rocking with my comrades Breathless and BPos.  The headliner is the critically acclaimed Fashawn.. this is my favorite verse from dude..

Hip Hop in the Park Flier

2FS First Show of 2015

The 1st 2FS show will be @the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts on 01/24/15. We are rocking for the Beat Shop, which is an organization dedicated to bringing beat workshops into classrooms. We will be rocking with the comrades BPos and our producer Decap.



Also, my brother Orukusaki of 2FS and ROTC’s Infinite will be rocking @the Great American Hall with La Gente on the same night. It’s going to be a busy night for the 2FS swordzmen..

BPos Drops “Party Mardi” Video

My comrades, the BPos clique (Khafre Jay x D-Wiz x Goodword x Gyrl Abstract x DJ Johnny Veneti) just dropped their “Party Mardi” video; it was shot at D-Wiz’s HQ, features cameos from many local party animals including yours truly, and costumes were done by Sarah Stylisms. You can get the brand new BPos album “Positive Beings” here.

HH4C in the Media

As you probably know by now, Hip Hop 4 Change is a non-profit organization dedicated to making socioeconomic change through the educational implementation of Hip Hop; what that means is that the members go out to campuses and teach academic skills from a Hip Hop stance using its own curriculum. The organization also throws its own events showcasing local talent; the acts are specifically selected to reintroduce and emphasize the core beliefs/ morals of our culture, which are peace, love, unity, and having fun. We are opposed to the mainstream glamorization of sexism, drug abuse, homophobia, materialism, and gang violence; we believe that these problems are not/ should not be the only available representation of our culture, people, or community.

HH4C have been receiving lots of coverage in the media recently. Yours truly is briefly included in the East Bay Express article. Director/ BPos MC Khafre Jay was also featured on a KPIX segment titled “Oakland Rappers Want to Change the Game with Positivity.”

Infinite “Double Beatdown” Video

Infinite is a seasoned veteran of the Bay Area Hip Hop scene; when I was finishing up my undergraduate degree at SFSU in the early 2000’s, him and Wonway were widely recognized for being unfuckwitable in the local battle/ open-mic circuit. The “Double Beatdown” concept refers to his dual mastery of MCing and beatboxing. It was shot at the Return of the Cypher event at the Boom Boom Room, and features a brief cameo of basically everyone,  including your truly.

Hip Hop 4 Change Featured Artist

Yours truly is now a featured artist on Hip Hop 4 Change, an organization dedicated to fighting social inequalities and injustice through the education, empowerment, and implementation of Hip Hop culture. I am honored to be selected alongside artists I look up to such as Equipto, Melina Jones, and the Coup.

Their philosophy is that “the mainstream music industry sells sexism, homophobia, drug abuse, materialism, and gang violence as if these problems represent the cornerstones of hip hop culture. These are actually symptoms of hollow marketing schemes driven by corporate greed  and when young people buy into them, it perpetuates another generation of closed minds and more hollow marketing.  Hip hop stems from the roots of artistic, creative, and militant demands for justice and the acceptance of diversity in all its forms.  In this way, hip hop is what we as individuals want it to be.”

The organization is dedicated to grassroots activism and I have ran into founder Khafre numerous times raising funds for local causes. Please visit the site, check out what Hip Hop 4 Change is about, and if you feel that the beliefs and objectives are in sync with yours, please don’t hesitate to support.

05/30 Hip Hop for Change Movement Building Party

Hip Hop for Change is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting socioeconomic inequality through Hip Hop empowerment and employment. We bring Hip Hop creativity classes onto public school campuses, enabling students to learn the craft of rhyme writing, graffiti art, break dancing. I am proud to have been chosen to be a director in this wonderful nonprofit organization.  HH4C will have a party on May 30th at the Elbo Room (647 Valencia, SF.)  featuring B-Pos, SF’s Richie Cunning, and a special beat showcase by Today’s Future Sounds. Hosted by yours truly.

04/04 Hip Hop for Change 2FS Elbo Room Show

2FS (Kensho Kuma x Orukusaki) will be performing at the 04/04 Elbo Room party (647 Valencia St., SF.) Hip Hop for Change is a grassroots organization dedicated to fighting socioeconomic injustice through Hip Hop education, empowerment, and organization. Like I previously stated, it is an honor to be selected as one of their featured artists alongside veterans I learned from. The April party will feature Aisha Fukushima, who we’ll be performing a brand new crew song with, Do Dat‘s group Golden Age, and Khafre Jay’s own B-Pos crew. Please come through and celebrate the realness. The last HH4C party in December was my favorite show of 2013.

Elbo Room April Flier