Cloud NI9E featured on Hydeout Album

Besides the great sensei DJ Krush, no Japanese producer has ever influenced the global sound scape at the magnitude the late great Nujabes did; from his soundtrack of “Samurai Champloo,” the “Luv Sic” series with Shing02, to his phenomenal solo projects, it’s an understatement to say that he left his mark on music. I remember begging my former engineer Mez to lend me his Samurai Champloo DVD’s and writing for hours to his mellow, jazzy instrumentals. He was and always will be definitely a noticeable part of my Hip Hop experience.

Nujabes released his music through the Hydeout label and they manage a store called Tribe. A new project from the Hydeout label “Black Foliage” will be released on 12/18 and features my producer Cloud NI9E. It’s even more impressive that Cise Starr rocks the track; the Florida MC has been on my radar since he merked “Steady” with his group Cyne. Oh yeah… 9th Wonder is also on the project too… Be sure to cop this one, I’m more than sure that it’ll be available on the Tribe site.

Hyde Out Cover