Hip Hop 4 Change Featured Artist

Yours truly is now a featured artist on Hip Hop 4 Change, an organization dedicated to fighting social inequalities and injustice through the education, empowerment, and implementation of Hip Hop culture. I am honored to be selected alongside artists I look up to such as Equipto, Melina Jones, and the Coup.

Their philosophy is that “the mainstream music industry sells sexism, homophobia, drug abuse, materialism, and gang violence as if these problems represent the cornerstones of hip hop culture. These are actually symptoms of hollow marketing schemes driven by corporate greed  and when young people buy into them, it perpetuates another generation of closed minds and more hollow marketing.  Hip hop stems from the roots of artistic, creative, and militant demands for justice and the acceptance of diversity in all its forms.  In this way, hip hop is what we as individuals want it to be.”

The organization is dedicated to grassroots activism and I have ran into founder Khafre numerous times raising funds for local causes. Please visit the site, check out what Hip Hop 4 Change is about, and if you feel that the beliefs and objectives are in sync with yours, please don’t hesitate to support.