Kensho Kuma x Far Beats-World Traveler 2

Dedicated to everyone that’s been with me throughout my overseas ventures and the awesome people I’ve met abroad. You have changed my life forever..

Kensho Kuma- “World Traveler 2”
Produced and Mixed by: Far Beats
Additional Production by: Akua Naru
Graphics by: Marcus Murray

Verse One: “I’m a World Traveler, nomadic wanderer/ Respect the local folks, but I’m still a conqueror/ Raise the flag of California up at Angkor Wat/ Often in them places foreign artists cannot rock/ Writing down my candid thoughts, hiding out in Sukhumvit/ Go-go dancers everywhere, get lost in illusions quick/ Miles off the beaten path, I’ve seen some gruesome shit/ Third world is grimy, but we know what the beauty is/ Children in the land of smiles, seem to be happy with less/ Many kids in U.S. hoods, carry gats and deal with death/ Most adults are taking medication feeling depressed/ Who are you to tell me that America really the best?/ Weaving through the traffic dawg, don’t crash your motor bike/ Saigon City got it locked, kicked it with the locals tight/ Whether at your venue or a mediocre open mic/ We murderin’ performances perfected out in Oakland right/”

Chorus: “I’m faraway, I don’t know when I’m coming home/ Left my backyard, said good bye to my comfort zone/ Quit my damn job, told my mom that I love her/ There’s more to this life and I have to go discover/ I’m faraway, I don’t know when I’m coming home/ Left my backyard, said good bye to my comfort zone/ Fans always compliment, telling me I’m rhyming dope/ All I ever wanted was to be happy and to find my soul”

Verse Two: “In my wallet I have yen, dollars, and euros/ Cash determines everything, no matter where you go/ Transient, vanishing in back of a Peugeot/ to reappear the next day to rap in Chateauroux, so/ You can say I’m well-traveled, racking up the mileage/ Highly civilized, never blacking out or violent/ Peace to Paris potnas, they made this trip priceless/ And if I stop, probably have a midlife crisis/ Dressed in a kimono yeah fans got impressed quick/ Hustling in Brussels with the man Architeknic/ Bilingual shows in Nantes, translated set list/ And aye damn descendant of Japan must respect this/ No matter where you go, acknowledge they customs/ If you can’t do this then you’ll make all of us look dumb/ Talk to your fans, learn they way of life and have fun/ Take some time to be a tourist but make sure you stack funds/”


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