ROTC- Every Sunday Night @ the Boom Boom Room

ROTC (Return of the Cypher) is a freestyle jam session which occurs every Sunday night @ the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco. The Gem Stone band provides live instrumentation and veteran DJ Kevvy Kev holds down the ones and twos. Special featured guests rock almost every week. Myself, Orukusaki, Slice 9, and MC Mars usually alternate as hosts. All MC’s and vocalists are encouraged to attend and participate in the cyphers, which probably takes up more than 2 and a half hours of each Sunday night. Oh, and it’s absolutely free!

If you are an emcee, you have to be willing to freestyle… period… it’s just part of the craft. And this is the perfect boot camp/ church/ gym/ whatever you want it to be!


03/30 2FS Boom Boom Room Show

2FS (Kensho Kuma x Orukusaki) will be performing @ the Boom Boom Room (1601 Geary, SF.)  on 03/30/14. We will be the featured guests of the weekly open mic jam session Return of the Cypher. The buzz of this event has been rapidly building, and it’s rightfully becoming the hottest party in the Bay Area. Shout out’s to DJ Kevvy Kev, Davu and the Bottom Hammer Band, and the ROTC all star MC’s like Gigio, Watzreal, Denero, MC Mars, Slice Nine, and Monolyth… and of course the homegirl Zizi Buttons for holding down the merch table. Yes, we will be doing brand new material from our upcoming project.

march flier (518x800)

This track has become our lead-off hitter… and yours for free!

12/28 Hip Hop for Change Holiday Party

My comrade Khafre of the BPos crew runs Hip Hop for Change, an organization dedicated to educating people about socio-economic injustice and empowering them through Hip Hop. As you can see, Khafre is not playing around at all.

It’s an honor to be performing at the Hip Hop for Change 12/28 Holiday Party @ the Elbo Room. (647 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110.) My crew 2FS (Orukusaki x Kensho Kuma) will be rocking alongside BPos, Seneca, Mint Rock (Bored Stiff,) Davu and the Bottom Hammer Band.

Hip Hop for Change Flier