Fliers for Individual Tour Dates

2017 Shogun Stories Asia Tour: Fliers for Individual Shows

07/28/17- 08/04/17 Osaka, Japan

07/28/17 @Club Zeela, Umeda

07/29/17 @Brand New, ???

07/29/17 @”Skill Bank,” Duke Bar ??

07/30/17 @????????

08/05/17 @Club Clime in Second Life


08/05/17-08/16/17 Yokohama/ Tokyo, Japan

08/05/17 @El Puente, Yokohama

08/12/17 Wild Side, ??

08/12/17 Family, ??

08/15/17 Tetoka, ??


08/16/17 – 08/30/17 Vietnam w/DJ Cloud NI9E, Hanoi shows with Jovian

08/18/17, Hanoi Rock City, Hanoi

08/19/17 , Chez Xuan, Hanoi

08/19/17 (Midnight- Early), Bird Cage, Hanoi

08/24/17 Waterfront, Da Nang

08/25/17 May Cay, Ho Chi Minh

08/29/17 May Cay, Ho Chi Minh

08/31/17 – 09/17/17  Thailand

09/01/17 Jam Cafe, Bangkok

09/02/17 the Overstay, Bangkok

09/08/17 Live Lounge BKK, Bangkok

09/09/17 Goja, Bangkok

Kensho Kuma & Cloud NI9E in Vietnam

Kensho Kuma & Cloud NI9E will be making their debut Vietnam appearance on 08/29/2013 @ Cama ATK in Hanoi and 08/30/2013 @ Lush in Ho Chi Minh City. A third show on the 31st will be potentially added,so please stay tuned… I’ve been saying this for years, but if you really develop a creative craft (doesn’t necessarily have to be MCing, but some expressive form of art that takes time and effort) it becomes a passport and you can rock anywhere in the world. I was being so sincere when I told you in Oakland that I rep the East Bay around the globe. Vietnam, I cannot wait to meet you!