Cloud NI9E Debut Solo Album Dropping 11/19

Cloud NI9E will be finally dropping his debut solo album “Alternative” on 11/19. The Tokyo based producer released “the Program EP” with me last May and completed a successful Japan/ South East tour in the summer of ’13. He was also hand selected by Nujabes’ Hydeout label to become a member of the “Ficus” collective, which was specifically designed to carry on the late Japanese mastermind’s sonic legacy. This collective also enlisted 9th Wonder of Jay-Z/ Little Brother fame. The “Alternative” debut features two tracks by yours truly and one from my crew member Orukusaki.

1. Recollection
2. Everlasting feat. Orukusaki
3. Bird’s Eye View
4. Peaceful Warrior feat. Kensho Kuma & Justin Murta
5. Stages feat. Cise Starr (from CYNE)
6. Kazamidori
7. Suicidal Psychology feat. Chiba Chemist
8. Stand Alone (Musou remix) feat. Audace
9. Botanique feat. Pumpkin
10. Talking all days feat. David Whitaker
11. One Day
12. Life Work feat. Kensho Kuma
13. Tokyo kid ~Split style~ feat. Kemui
14. My heart is a melody
15. Home
16. Eclipse (Kamiaritsuki pt.2)

Peaceful Warrior

“Peaceful Warrior” is a brand new banger off of my producer Cloud NI9E’s upcoming solo album; it features Justin Murta repping Vietnam and yours truly. Cloud NI9E brought a soulfully mature instrumental complete with a trumpet and I just had to bring a righteous verse to it. My 16 is a lot more militant RBG than usual and am extremely happy with the finished product.

“Peaceful Warrior” – Kensho Kuma

Reporting live from trenches of the golden state/

our experiences here, testing a soldier’s faith/

blaming the crime rate on weapons in Oakland? wait/

‘cause the residents overwhelmed by the local hate/

and social injustice and stopping my progress/

we hopping over barricades at Occupy protests/

middle class belittled as governments profit/

the devil with us no matter how omniscient God is/

represent peace, but I’m far from an pacifist/

never hesitant, ‘cause the scars of an activist/

mean something to us, we learned from the Black Panthers bitch/

to the liberals in Berkeley we be standing with/

local celebrity, verses for working class/

even if he a regular dude, he will merk your ass/

for us to change things will take more than earning cash/

so we are prepared to be right there when insurgents clash/


We don’t need no news programs broadcasting lies/

what we seeing everyday’s the truth we analyze/

we don’t need no governors lying to folks/

my people apathetic they ain’t trying to vote/

we don’t need no crooked cops beating down teens/

and you wonder why nobody will speak to police/

we don’t need no businessmen owning prisons/

I’m more than qualified to make my own decisions/