“Life Work”

Cloud NI9E- “Life Work feat. Kensho Kuma” from “Alternative.”

If you’re in Japan, purchase the Cloud NI9E’s “Alternative” Album @ We Nod Records.. or you can hit up the chain stores like HMV or Tower nationwide..

For those of us outside Japan, purchase Cloud NI9E’s “Alternative” album on iTunes.

Verse One:

Once you hit a certain age, hella people quit/ doing music they love, maybe it’s an ego trip/ or maybe it’s the accolades that we don’t get/ or maybe they a sensitive and weak emo bitch/ (huh) rappers give up on they damn penmanship/ and producers wanna sell they equipment and split/ (I’m out) some got a job with real benefits/ others ended up in prison with life sentences/ if you meant for this here, gotta bite the bullet/ gotta be a true soldier and fire the full clip/ rap’s getting raped and they hide behind the culprits/ as the industry’s putting these liars on pulpits/ comparing yourself to Kanye or Rick Ross/ will make you feel underrated, deranged, and pissed off/ so do it for the love, just pray and spit raw/ ’cause too many artists feeling betrayed by Hip Hop/


This my Life Word, every track, every sixteen/ everyday put in work, for a very big dream/ this our Life Work, yeah mastery of our craft/ you should walk away now, cowards ain’t gonna last/ this my Life Work, shine so bright for all of you/ while them dudes play around I write in solitude/ this our Life Work, everything we have sacrificed/ representing raw shit, ’til the damn afterlife/

Verse Two:

Face it, damn, you gon’ have to get a day job/ if you think that music’s paying rent, then you way off/ 99 percent (shit) won’t make the paper/ dreams and reality, eventually will face off/ we as adults, must handle our finances/ many abandon art, deny what’s inside of us/ no money (more problems) gotta find answers/ we never get enough from the conscious rhymes we bust/ (so fuck Rap) let’s get a legitimate career/ cancel everything, that we invested in for years/ but no matter what, find myself flowing right here/ sound engineer turning up the head phones in my ear/ (D-Wiz) regardless of stress from the nine to five abuse/ we acknowledge that rapping is a lifetime pursuit/ a real skill that’s practiced by the men who spit truth/ you should walk away you was never meant for this booth/


Verse Three:

一割残るか分からんゲーム/ くたばりぞこないやバカは歓迎/ 生存者のアルバムなら完成/ でも生活のレベルは変わらんぜー/ 今でも中毒者が注目/ だが年とっても上がらん給料/ 前より重く感じる重力/ 経験と悩みが生み出す十六/ (ughh) あいつら就職し、ラップから去った/ まだまだ行けたなチャンスはあった/ 努力をしてもな、販促ばっか/ している二セ物はギャングスタがマーダー/ 責任つーのがmusic の強敵/ 結婚、子育て、もしくは懲役/ あらゆる理由で無くなる衝撃/ Cloud NI9E と Ken Kuma 永遠にso ready/


Cloud NI9E Debut Solo Album Dropping 11/19

Cloud NI9E will be finally dropping his debut solo album “Alternative” on 11/19. The Tokyo based producer released “the Program EP” with me last May and completed a successful Japan/ South East tour in the summer of ’13. He was also hand selected by Nujabes’ Hydeout label to become a member of the “Ficus” collective, which was specifically designed to carry on the late Japanese mastermind’s sonic legacy. This collective also enlisted 9th Wonder of Jay-Z/ Little Brother fame. The “Alternative” debut features two tracks by yours truly and one from my crew member Orukusaki.


1. Recollection
2. Everlasting feat. Orukusaki
3. Bird’s Eye View
4. Peaceful Warrior feat. Kensho Kuma & Justin Murta
5. Stages feat. Cise Starr (from CYNE)
6. Kazamidori
7. Suicidal Psychology feat. Chiba Chemist
8. Stand Alone (Musou remix) feat. Audace
9. Botanique feat. Pumpkin
10. Talking all days feat. David Whitaker
11. One Day
12. Life Work feat. Kensho Kuma
13. Tokyo kid ~Split style~ feat. Kemui
14. My heart is a melody
15. Home
16. Eclipse (Kamiaritsuki pt.2)