Peaceful Warrior

“Peaceful Warrior” is a brand new banger off of my producer Cloud NI9E’s upcoming solo album; it features Justin Murta repping Vietnam and yours truly. Cloud NI9E brought a soulfully mature instrumental complete with a trumpet and I just had to bring a righteous verse to it. My 16 is a lot more militant RBG than usual and am extremely happy with the finished product.

“Peaceful Warrior” – Kensho Kuma

Reporting live from trenches of the golden state/

our experiences here, testing a soldier’s faith/

blaming the crime rate on weapons in Oakland? wait/

‘cause the residents overwhelmed by the local hate/

and social injustice and stopping my progress/

we hopping over barricades at Occupy protests/

middle class belittled as governments profit/

the devil with us no matter how omniscient God is/

represent peace, but I’m far from an pacifist/

never hesitant, ‘cause the scars of an activist/

mean something to us, we learned from the Black Panthers bitch/

to the liberals in Berkeley we be standing with/

local celebrity, verses for working class/

even if he a regular dude, he will merk your ass/

for us to change things will take more than earning cash/

so we are prepared to be right there when insurgents clash/


We don’t need no news programs broadcasting lies/

what we seeing everyday’s the truth we analyze/

we don’t need no governors lying to folks/

my people apathetic they ain’t trying to vote/

we don’t need no crooked cops beating down teens/

and you wonder why nobody will speak to police/

we don’t need no businessmen owning prisons/

I’m more than qualified to make my own decisions/