2nd Floor Saturday @the Showdown

2nd Floor Samurais (Kensho Kuma x Orukusaki) have recruited some of the deadliest swordzmen they know to bring a high quality Hip Hop event. It’s going down 09/05 @the Showdown in SF, and of course it’s free; we guarantee the absolute finest in independent lyricism, production, and hustle. Flier designed by Marcus Murray.

2nd Floor Saturday


These are the ronins that we reached out to and are confirmed:

Xienhow– veteran emcee formerly of Forensic Science, workaholic videographer, entrepreneur, Livenfire president..

Decap– ingenious yet humble producer who has worked with Talib Kweli, Bone Thugs, Masta Ace, Snoop.. currently prepping his solo album..

Unlearn the World– a MC’s MC.. a highly versatile and skilled lyricist who’ll gain any knowledgeable Hip Hopper as a fan.

Mack Deezoe– a MC who’ll teach you the difference between “swag” and “class.”

Decap Premiers “Feeling” on Okayplayer

2FS producer Decap premiered his new single “Feeling” on Okayplayer last night; this site was started by Questlove of the legendary Roots, and has blossomed into a rich musical community supported by everyone from Talib Kweli to Dead Prez. Let’s just say that it’s a highly prestigious accolade.. one that I wish to eventually achieve myself. I initially heard “Feeling” at a Decap live set and immediately fell in love with.. I begged him to get on the instrumental, was ready to throw money at him, but he said that it was unavailable.. then I completely forgot how it sounded and heard it at his Ableton demo six month later.. fell in love with it again..

R.A. the Rugged Man’s “Definition of a Rap Flow” Contest

I submitted a song to the “Definition of a Rap Flow” contest being hosted by R.A. the Rugged Man. I thought it was really cool how contestants can choose from Mr. Green instrumentals… instead of barring out at Super Saiyan 1000%, I remade a song to “the Dangerous Three” beat.

I usually don’t care about contests, but R.A. has really had a significant influence on me… one of the first instrumentals I remember attempting to record a song to back in the 90’s was “Till my Heart Stops.” Dude has paid dues forever and the “Legends Never Die” album is probably my favorite album to come out in recent years. This contest is also being judged by Talib Kweli and Vinnie Paz, who are without a doubt in my top artists list.

Revolver Open Mic

Revolver Open Mic is a sister event of “Return of the Cypher” which occurs first and third Wednesdays at the Showdown (60 Sixth St. San Franciso.) The event is coordinated by my teammates Orukusaki and Denero, is frequented by all the ROTC regulars, and beatsmiths like Bayroo Burner, Stonerock, and Decap often show up to play instrumentals. SF icon DJ Johnny Venetti of BPos is the venue owner, so it’s got a very welcoming environment.

Revolver Open Mic