“Life Work”

Cloud NI9E- “Life Work feat. Kensho Kuma” from “Alternative.”

If you’re in Japan, purchase the Cloud NI9E’s “Alternative” Album @ We Nod Records.. or you can hit up the chain stores like HMV or Tower nationwide..

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Verse One:

Once you hit a certain age, hella people quit/ doing music they love, maybe it’s an ego trip/ or maybe it’s the accolades that we don’t get/ or maybe they a sensitive and weak emo bitch/ (huh) rappers give up on they damn penmanship/ and producers wanna sell they equipment and split/ (I’m out) some got a job with real benefits/ others ended up in prison with life sentences/ if you meant for this here, gotta bite the bullet/ gotta be a true soldier and fire the full clip/ rap’s getting raped and they hide behind the culprits/ as the industry’s putting these liars on pulpits/ comparing yourself to Kanye or Rick Ross/ will make you feel underrated, deranged, and pissed off/ so do it for the love, just pray and spit raw/ ’cause too many artists feeling betrayed by Hip Hop/


This my Life Word, every track, every sixteen/ everyday put in work, for a very big dream/ this our Life Work, yeah mastery of our craft/ you should walk away now, cowards ain’t gonna last/ this my Life Work, shine so bright for all of you/ while them dudes play around I write in solitude/ this our Life Work, everything we have sacrificed/ representing raw shit, ’til the damn afterlife/

Verse Two:

Face it, damn, you gon’ have to get a day job/ if you think that music’s paying rent, then you way off/ 99 percent (shit) won’t make the paper/ dreams and reality, eventually will face off/ we as adults, must handle our finances/ many abandon art, deny what’s inside of us/ no money (more problems) gotta find answers/ we never get enough from the conscious rhymes we bust/ (so fuck Rap) let’s get a legitimate career/ cancel everything, that we invested in for years/ but no matter what, find myself flowing right here/ sound engineer turning up the head phones in my ear/ (D-Wiz) regardless of stress from the nine to five abuse/ we acknowledge that rapping is a lifetime pursuit/ a real skill that’s practiced by the men who spit truth/ you should walk away you was never meant for this booth/


Verse Three:

一割残るか分からんゲーム/ くたばりぞこないやバカは歓迎/ 生存者のアルバムなら完成/ でも生活のレベルは変わらんぜー/ 今でも中毒者が注目/ だが年とっても上がらん給料/ 前より重く感じる重力/ 経験と悩みが生み出す十六/ (ughh) あいつら就職し、ラップから去った/ まだまだ行けたなチャンスはあった/ 努力をしてもな、販促ばっか/ している二セ物はギャングスタがマーダー/ 責任つーのがmusic の強敵/ 結婚、子育て、もしくは懲役/ あらゆる理由で無くなる衝撃/ Cloud NI9E と Ken Kuma 永遠にso ready/


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