11/22 Conscious Hip Hop Night @ the Gilman

Yours truly will be hosting the monthly Conscious Hip Hop event @ the Gilman on November 22nd, 2013. The Gilman is a historical punk rock venue founded back in 1986 and famous bands like Rancid, Green Day, and NOFX spawned their careers there. The venue has a no alcohol, no drugs, no homophobia, no violence, etc. policy, so it’s appropriate for all ages.. I just found out that the Gilman even has a book documenting their history. My folks, the Globelotters Collective, started the first Hip Hop events at the venue earlier this year; I’ve performed twice at the monthly party and it was a pleasant experience both times. This month I will be hosting the biggest Conscious Hip Hop Night thus far; the event will feature a total of eight up-and-coming acts, including my comrades One Werd and Acmaculate One.

November Gilman Flier

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