FREE Double Download 2nd Floor Samurais

My group, 2nd Floor Samurais, have posted two FREE exclusive tracks!! These are exclusive non-album tracks available for your enjoyment..

Foreign Faculty feat. Vago-

This one features our comrade Vago from Switzerland, and production was handled by Yakkle, repping Kobe Japan.

I’m especially proud of my verse on this one.. “Not an activist, No I’m a regular dude/ demanding our government invest in our schools/ a rapper slash teacher when I step in the booth/ my knowledge and experience are weapons I choose/ rep with the youth, while y’all glamorize narcotics/perpetrating fake shit, we don’t want no part of it/ songs played on iHeartMedia will target kids/ and have ’em popping hella pills like a pharmacist/ lacking the guidance, idolizing Young Thug/ will leave you beat down, have you bleeding by a dump truck/ rapping ’bout guns, then make sure your guns bust/ and even if you peaceful, the cop’s gun is untucked/ urging to kill, while we searching for a thrill/ life is worth more than our rap songs worthy of a deal/ yeah everything you see ain’t contingent on skill/ let me pack my shit, go to Switzerland and just chill”

Golden Age-

Production on this one was handled by Sticky Ricardo, who frequently serves as the 2FS live DJ as well..

“No famous cosigns or celebrity friends/ not a follower of stupid ass hipster trends/ don’t care ’bout the view by a million men/ ’cause I believe what we need are skills in the end/ but this rap game’s similar to Instagram models/ fine as hell, so everyone instantly follows/ then you realize their musical substance is zero/ and don’t reflect the lives of struggling people/ ugh, none of my chicks have been thick as Amber Rose/ even if I had the cash, I wouldn’t pamper hoes/ my fans know, they can keep all the fancy clothes/ I’d rather be the man that my friends and family knows/ we got our own lane, don’t gotta ride dick/ rather have a queen, than a whole lot of side chicks/ ain’t fifty deep but the guys that I ride with/ play a vital role in the life that my tribe lives”