Still Making Moves

“Still Making Moves” – Sohch feat. Kensho Kuma, Skalah, Hisanova, and DJ Audace. Sohch is my comrade/ engineer in Tokyo, and I have rocked numerous shows with his crew Life Penciled Crew. DJ Audace is a French DJ holding it down in Tokyo, and he’s scratched on many tracks of mine through out the years. I’ll never forget our “Deep Shit” parties @ Club Game in Shibuya; I remember living in Tokyo in ’06-’07 and I used to look forward to those parties every month. These cats have played a vital role in my international Hip Hop journey and they will forever have a place in my memory. I use my patented 4 bar switch evident on “Exact Science ver2.0” and alternate between Japanese and English every 4 bars on this track. Yours for free.

“Still Making Moves”




No! 俺には分かるよ腐ってくソールが/

out of towners know us for bomb weed and murders/

but yo boy reps neither I’m a conscious observer/

a type of music that ain’t commonly purchased/

we possess a talent you ain’t honestly heard of/

ミーハーの所為か? 混乱する方向性/


現場に来いよ 朝まで残れ/


never been a game this a life or death errand/

no matter what happened I kept my headsets blaring/

rocking ‘round the world since you guys were bed wetting/

believing in only the most high and kept stepping/



得た経験はエロイ? じゃなくマジカル/


Yeah ‘til this business finishes my flow won’t end/

until I take my brother Ruksok out to Ho chi minh/

‘til national attentions on my coast again/

until the unlimited violence in Oakland ends/