Mai Pen Ran Video by Mek Piisua feat. 山田マン

Mek Piisua is a Japanese MC/ business mogul/ high class player, located in Bangkok, Thailand. The Thania location of the Woodball chain is one of my rebel bases in Bangkok; it’s a Japanese style bar with a Japanese curry restaurant underneath. Anyway, Mek recently teamed up with Japanese Hip Hop legend Yamadaman, from the pioneering group Rappagariya, and dropped the “Mai Pen Rai” video. “Mai Pen Rai” roughly translates to never mind or it’s not a big deal.  The production is handled by DJ 2High, a Long Beach Japanese producer down with Snoop’s Dogg Pound. It was shot at Pattaya Beach, and let’s just say.. what happens in Pattaya, stays in Pattaya..

Mai Pen Rai

Kensho Kuma Rocks the Beatlounge

Your truly will be rocking @the Beatlounge in Bangkok on 09/06. The venue is located among the trendy mega-clubs pumping out EDA tunes along the RCA district. The Beatlounge is like a Hip Hop rebel base which will make any true head feel right at home. Veteran DJ Spydamonkee and the Paranormal DJ’s will be in the building.

Kuma Flier I