Rocking with Kirby Dominant and Mikah 9


I will be rocking an opening set for Kirby Dominant and Mika 9 on 11/19/12 @ the Elbo Room in SF (647 Valencia St., SF, CA)

For those of us coming up in the late nineties Berkeley independent Hip Hop scene, Kirby Dominant is like our crazy uncle that always had our back. I remember running into Kirby at numerous local 510 venues that no longer are in business; he was always surrounded by many fine felines and sporting his usual illuminating smile. It’s an honor and a pleasure to rock with him in 2o12. We’re still here. The lineage of MC’s that came out of Berkeley is not a joke.

For those of you newcomers unfamiliar with the dominant pimping…

Here is a Kirby track from the “Strictly Indee” compilation I was also featured on from circa 2000. I remembered that he freestyled the entire last verse in one take… The compilation also features legends like Equipto and Shing02… damn, getting hella nostalgic.