Kensho Kuma Hosting ROTC 04/27/14

If you know me from real life, you know that I religiously attend “Return to the Cypher” @the Boom Boom Room (1601 Fillmore St., SF) on Sunday nights. You already know that I’m a ROTC director and I care very much about the event. You already know that I invite every MC I meet to come through and spit. If you have ever been to ROTC you know that it’s a very supportive and organic community that we’re building. On 04/27/14 I will be the cypher host and also will be featured during the weekly performance. My homie Denero’s Stocks and Bonds crew will be the featured guest on 04/27. The event is free as usual, so come through.

Stocks and Bonds

Also, this particular ROTC will feature our One Track Wonder competition. Contestants get to perform one song, the audience judges, and the 04/27 champion will receive prizes and an invite to perform in a future competition amongst the winners. If you’re interested in competing in the One Track Wonder competition, please follow the directions below and good luck.

One Track Wonder

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